New Halo Infinite Campaign Showcase Highlights New Cortana-Like AI, Bosses With Health Bars, And More

Microsoft and 343 Industries finally showed off Halo Infinite’s final campaign after less than two months. Today’s six-and-a-half-minute Video overview of campaignIt was the first time in one year that we saw Halo Infinite campaign videos. 

We can see some of these improved visuals and art that were made possible by it. Halo Infinite was delayed due to this delay. Its release date for 2021 has been moved forwardThe new 2020 release date was pushed back to the end of 2018, and it’s still stunning. These new visuals will be familiar to all who have played the technical multiplayer previews. 

Although the video overview didn’t provide any information about the Halo Infinite campaign in detail, it did give us some insight into what the campaign might look like. The overview video gives us a more detailed look at Zeta Halo (where the game is set), as well as new views of some subterranean and terrain areas we might encounter. We’ll run into Banished enemies like brutes as well as Halo legends such as Jackals, Hunters Grunts Elites Forerunners and even new mechanical enemies called Skimmers. 

The campaign overview video featured something new in the Halo mainline series, bosses equipped with health bars. Chief takes on the brute boss in the video with a bar of white (presumably as a shield), and underneath it a bar of red, which seems to indicate the boss’s actual health. It was the only boss to have a visible health bar. We don’t know if there will be many others or if it was a singular fight. 

The rest of the video showcases a lot of what we’ll actually be doing in Halo come this December: flying Wasps around, destroying banshees, using Chief’s new grappling hook and thruster abilities, destroying Banished strongholds, completing side quests, and more. 

The Weapon was another key piece of information. Although it is Cortana’s AI, its only purpose is “locking down Cortana.” Following the Halo 5 Guardians events, Chief wants to rescue a corrupt Cortana. According to the new AI, the answer to this problem is on Zeta Halo, which seems to be the other primary objective next to defeating the Banished army.

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