Halo Infinite’s big campaign trailer shows off something completely new

Since 2005, Master Chief has been absent from commission HaloGuardians seven years ago, but he’s back in the new campaign trailer for Halo Infinite. 343 Industries showcased the brand new trailer on Monday morning. It showed off what Halo enthusiasts are up to. Halo Infinite Launches Dec.

We haven’t seen any Infinite Campaign gameplay after last year’s disappointing showing, which was then followed by a one-year delay. But after some very successful beta weekends, 343 Industries is shifting the narrative on its new evolution of Xbox’s biggest franchise.

This trailer showcases a Halo which is both familiar and new. Chief has a new Cortana, a garage filled with vehicles, a skill tree, a map (although Halo: ODST fans know that’s not anything new), and a host of new and familiar weapons. This may be the first Halo game to let you explore just one of the rings worlds.

New! Halo trailer: Infinite shows that Halo fans are in for something new: a long awaited departure from Bungie’s 20+ year-old Halo formula.

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