Mutazione’s Penpal Update: Telling a Story After It Ends

If your game focuses on an ensemble cast of relatable characters and their small-town conflicts and dramas, don’t be surprised when you hear players ask for more. You will be the community manager. Mutazione, I’ve seen countless heartfelt requests for Mutazione’sContinue the story. The players want more. Players want the sequel. They desire a trilogy. From the beginning, the idea of publishing an update dedicated to the characters and the stories behind them was in place. Players might be surprised at how the Penpal Update accomplishes exactly that.

In the tagline “For” Mutazione (“They can survive an apocalyptic meteor strike, but can they survive their small-town drama?”) there’s that acknowledgement of drama and stakes. Sure – there’s an aspect of conflict that’s earth-shattering, as players unravel the mystery behind the ailing Papu Tree, but most of the game’s conflicts are interpersonal. Rejection of love. Personal trauma. Broken familial bonds. Our bonds to these characters grow as Kai becomes friends and learns more about them.


This makes the Penpal Update a little unique because it’s not about conflict or drama. It’s not a sequel – it’s an epilogue. It doesn’t continue the story of MutazioneInstead, a bow is placed on the end. These might cause some disappointment. The game has many plot threads that can lead to conflict, drama and even more stories for Kai. But the Penpal update’s focus is on the other end of that spectrum. 

Kai saves Mutazione. It’s a big part of the reason why this game is so beloved. Kai helps Mutazione people resolve conflicts. It’s almost like a friendship simulator, where your friends come to you with problems and you help them get past it. The aftermath is an important aspect of this process. It’s not just about helping in the moment, but also seeing how they follow up. It is as rewarding to see how you helped them long-term than it is to help them now.


This Penpal Update is about following through. It doesn’t introduce a new villain to beat, a new obstacle to overcome, or a new conflict to manage. This just shows what took place in the community when Kai returned from the mainland. It’s been two years since Mutazione released and in that time, Miu, Tung, and all the other friends you’ve made continued living their lives.

So, if you’re interested in reconnecting with your old friends, load up the new update and let us know what you think in the Akupara Games Discord.


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MUTAZIONE Adventure Game is a game that places the emphasis on the emotional part of the story as well as the thrill-seeking adventure.

Kai is 15 years old and travels with Nonno, her grandfather, to Mutazione.

Find new friends, plant musical gardens, attend band nights, and go on boat rides. Then embark on a final spiritual pilgrimage to rescue everyone from that strange dark place at the center of it all.

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