Monster Hunter Now Pink Rathian event times, armor and weapon list

PYou can also find out more about the following:k Rathian in Monster Hunter NowIt is one of the original monsters in the Rathian series.

Pink Rathian is not only more difficult, it also includes its own Pink Rathian weapon and armor set, which makes it much more than just a colored variation.

Pink Rathian, which will debut at an exclusive event in October 2023 and only appear for a short time, is also a limited number of spawns. So, if you’re looking to find one, put on some walking shoes.

Pink Rathian event date, time and habitat spawnings

Pink Rathian is a species of rat that appears in Monster Hunter NowFor a limited time only, spawns will be boosted over the weekend of closing to increase your chances.

Appearance dates: Monday, October 9 (9 am local time), until Sunday, October 15 (4 pm local time).

Boosted spawn times (alongside Rathian):

  • On Friday, October 13, from 5 pm to 8 pm
  • On Saturday October 14th and Sunday Oct. 15th between 1pm and 4pm

Habitat spawning: Forest

Difficulty: 5* and above

Available in:

  • Mid-week: Players who completed Chapter 9: Unlock Rathian Hunts
  • Hunters with a Hunter rank 11 and higher are eligible for a weekend boost

You should also know about:

  • Pink Rathians are available to Forests in the early days of this event.Rare. Numbers It is not necessary to be able to understand The monster will disappear for some time following the end of the event, so it is best to begin farming parts then.
  • Pink Rathian is a subspecies that can be tracked down. The map has a unique icon for each country.Separate them from the other Rathian offspring.
  • Remember, if you can’t fight Pink Rathian there and then, you can use a Paintball to encounter it at your leisure within the following 48 hours, even after the event has ended.

Pink Rathian weakness

Pink Rathian Pink Rathian Weak to Thunder and Dragon Elements are the same as those of a Rathian. Despite that, you can expect an aggressive fight with some extra tricks to be aware of.

Reddit user z2k_ has posted a video of an encounter.

Toki Kadachi equipment for the thunder element is recommended before Pink Rathian confrontations, since this is the most effective way to deal with them. Monster Hunter Now.

Pink Rathian Armor sets and Equipment Skills

Pink Rathian parts can be crafted into the “Rath Heart” set, with every piece beginning at Grade 5 and 82 defense. It is equipped with the following equipment abilities:

Monster Hunter Now pink Rathian armour set

Name Equipment skill
Name Equipment skill
Rath Heart Helm Windproof Lv. Windproof Lv. 1 (Grade 6)
Rath Heart Mail Dragon Attack Lv. Focus Lv. 1 (Grade 6)
Rath Heart Brace The Windproof Lv. Windproof Lv.
Rath Heart Coil Critical Eye Level 1 (Grade 5) 1 (Grade 5)
Rath Heart Graves Dragon Attack Lv. 2 (Grade 5), Dragon Attack Lv. 1 (Grade 6)

Pink Rathian weapons

You can create three Pink Rathian Weapons. It is the Rosen Arrow that stands out, as it has the Dragon element.

Monster Hunter Pink Rathian Weapons

Weapon Type Name Attack Affinity Aspect Special Skill
Weapon Type Name Attack Affinity Aspect Special Skill
Bow Rosen Arrow 370 0% Dragon Dragon Piercer (Lv. 1)
Long Sword Wyvern “Blossom”, 473 0% Poison Spirit Helm Breaker (Lv. 1)
Sword and Shield Queen Rose 473 0% Poison Perfect Rush Combo (SP) (Lv. 1)

You can find more information here. You can find more information on our website. Monster Hunter NowThe tips and tricks section can provide you with some additional information, while the monster list provides a complete listing of all available encounters.

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