Midnight Mass’ Mike Flanagan will bring Edgar Allan Poe to Netflix

Mike Flanagan (creator of Midnight Mass, is adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s The House of Usher Falls Netflix. Netflix. announced the new series on Wednesday, but didn’t reveal when it might be released.

The House of Usher FallsUnnamed protagonist follows a narrator who lives with two siblings as they watch their once wonderful family disappear in the most disturbing way. While the series will be based on Poe’s original short story, it’s likely that Flanagan and his team will make some significant additions as they draw the story out to a full eight-episode miniseries.

Flanagan, who has directed, written and created shows like “The Killing Floor” with Netflix is not new to the industry. Haunting of Hill House Haunting of Bly manorTake a look at the films. Gerald’s Game HushFlanagan also released a book called “The Secret Life of the American Dream” Flanagan also published Midnight MassNetflix is available September.

Flanagan is also working on another adaptation through the streaming service before reaching Edgar Allan Poe. He’ll also be adapting Christopher Pike’s The Midnight Club, a haunting story about terminally ill young adults, into a series that’s likely to hit Netflix next year.

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