Mechs And Dragons: An Insider’s History Of From Software

While Dark Souls might have brought you to the studio via Dark Souls III, Tokyo’s From Software also has a rich history within the industry. We spoke to Masanori Takeuchi, senior managing director of From Software about his 20 year career.

Takeuchi stresses that the studio’s internal consistency is what keeps them going despite recent western interest. In the past, they were treated like sh–ty video games. Now, however, they are respectful of all the years of work we have done. They also discuss how Dark Souls III is a “turning points” for them and their desire to work on new smaller projects. To improve audio quality, Game Informer’s Jeff Cork has replaced the translator’s voice. This is similar to our profile of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s creation of Dark Souls III. Dan Tack has a feature that explains more about From Software’s history and how it influenced games such as Bloodborne.

Check out the video interview below for more information about From Software.

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