Marvel’s Avengers’ Mighty Thor: Jane Foster Gameplay Reveal Set For Next Week

Crystal Dynamics announced in April that Marvel’s Avengers’ next hero would be Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor. The Goddess of Thunder will be in action on a new War Table blog posting.

Mark Monday, June 27 on your calendar as the date to watch a War Table Deep Dive detailing Jane’s powers and abilities. Jane will become available as part of the 2.5 update, which Crystal Dynamics says is “just around the corner” despite not having a release date. Jane’s arrival likely isn’t too far away if Crystal Dynamics plans to capitalize on the character’s Norse-powered return in the upcoming Thor: Love & ThunderThe film, “American Horror Story”, will hit theaters in July 8. 

Crystal Dynamics will be curious to learn how Jane’s moveset differs from Thor’s. In the comics, Jane possessed all of the abilities of Thor during her time as the Goddess of Thunder. One notable distinction was Jane’s ability to manipulate Mjolnir much more effectively and creatively than her predecessors. That is an area that the studio could definitely work on and improve. 

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