Getting Started with Naraka: Bladepoint, the Mythical Action Battle Royale


  • The sophisticated rock-scissor/paper systems offer in-depth gameplay
  • You can improve your fighting skills by using the Bloodsport or other gaming modes
  • Xbox users will be able to customize the game in a way that’s almost impossible for other players
  • Naraka: BladepointXbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the new features starting on June 23

Naraka: BladepointIt arrived on PC in August last year amid an explosion of kick-ass moves, floppy hair and blades. With its style and swagger it instantly grabbed PC gamers. The game went on to sell over 10,000,000 copies in less that a year. 

This is my first console purchase and it has been optimized for Xbox Series X/S. Naraka: Bladepoint is putting itself out there as the best melee-based battle royale there is — so it better have a solid fight game. NarakaThis system is a rock-paper scissors-style one, with charged attacks beating normal attacks and parries beating charged attacks. Normal attacks beat parries. Parries are a skill that can be learned and practice is key. Successfully executed parries enable you to disarm opponents and launch into relentless counterattacks, leaving your opponent’s health and armour in tatters. 

Even with more powerful weaponry, a good charged attack is nearly as destructive. It is possible to instill fear. Naraka: BladepointOne mistake can make all the difference in a fight. Therefore, focusing on your core fighting skills is key for taking down enemies and maintaining your own survival.  

Naraka: BladepointIt also has many unique game modes where players can improve their skills. Bloodsport is one of the most popular and allows players to choose a preferred hero and weapons before the first round begins, they’ll need to stick with that loadout until the Bloodsport finals. Other modes players will want to check out are Omni’s Nightmare, Bloodbath and BOT mode.

A unique 60-player battle royale, Naraka: Bladepoint sees your character ​​engage in an exhilarating combination of melee action and parkour moves; so it’s important to ensure your character looks fantastic while going through all the motions. Fortunately, NarakaThis game offers an extensive range of customization options for your characters. While deep character customization is common in most battle royales games, it goes beyond that.

This coincides with the official launch Naraka: BladepointS, players will also get to experience a brand new weapon: The Dual Blades.|S, players will also get to experience a brand new weapon: The Dual Blades. This devastating weapon can strike fear into your opponents while also allowing you to fully charge it for maximum impact.

The launch of the new Campaign Mode, Naraka: Bladepoint, will take place later in summer.

With Naraka: Bladepoint arriving on Xbox Series X|S owners, and with its addition into Xbox Game Pass on June 23, there’s never been a better time to battle it out with other players across the world. Xbox One gamers can also expect the game to arrive on consoles this year.

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