Madden NFL 21 Will Come To Series X, Xbox One Owners Can Upgrade Free

As a part of the within Xbox briefing, Microsoft confirmed that EA’s upcoming NFL game, Madden NFL 21, is coming to Xbox Series X. While we didn’t get to ascertain much within the way of gameplay, we did learn that you’re going to be ready to upgrade to the Series X version of the sport for free of charge if you purchase it on Xbox One–but you will need to try to so by a particular date, as EA isn’t making use of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service, and can instead be using its own program that has more restrictions.

In a handout, EA confirmed that to receive the free upgrade of Madden 21, you will need to get the sport on Xbox One by New Year’s Eve, 2020, and upgrade to the Series X by March 31, 2021. EA had previously said a number of its games will offer free next-gen upgrades, but it appears this upgrade program breaks away Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature.

During the within Xbox Madden 21 segment, Patrick Mahomes, cover star of last year’s entry, teased that more details about the sport are going to be revealed “soon.” We didn’t get far more information beyond that, but Mahomes said this year’s installment “isn’t almost what you’ll see, it’s about what you’ll feel.”

Madden NFL 21 will release for Xbox Series X following its initial launch on Xbox One, also as PS4 and PC. The series typically debuts in early August, before the beginning of the new NFL season.

Madden NFL 21 features Baltimore Ravens standout QB Lamar Jackson on its cover, a fact he seemingly leaked during a recent interview. the sport is going to be joined by FIFA 21 and NHL 21 is coming to the Xbox Series X (and PlayStation 5) later this year.

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