Destiny 2’s Eververse Store Is Changing Again This Fall

A whole bunch of changes is within the offing for Destiny 2 in its next content year, with Bungie altering the rewards you’ll earn in-game and therefore the premium customization items you’ll purchase. Starting this fall, you will have new options for customizing your characters and new ways to earn currency to earn premium cosmetics without having to buy them.

Director Luke Smith detailed a number of the changes within the latest in the week at Bungie blog post, which include the addition of transmogrification, which can give players a bunch of latest armor customization options. the most important alteration to the Eververse Store, where players can purchase cosmetic items for premium currency purchased with real money, is in what it sells. Starting in Year 4, the Eververse Store won’t sell items that are share visual themes with items you’d earn from activities like raids in-game–meaning you will not need to purchase cool looks surely weapons, armor, or accessories, you’ll earn them.

You’ll even have more ways of earning Bright Dust, the premium currency you’ll use within the Eververse Store that you simply get from completing in-game activities, instead of spending real money. Smith writes that Bright Dust is going to be easier to earn and methods of doing so are going to be account-specific, instead of character-specific. Right now, players who put time into all three characters on their account can earn more Bright Dust than players who only play with one; Bungie’s changes should alter that to form things a touch more even for single-player characters.

Meanwhile, if you do not purchase something within the Eververse Store during the season it becomes available, you will soon have new ways of getting it afterward. Bungie plans to expand what items players can get out of Bright Engrams, which are random premium items you get for leveling up along the Season Pass track or for every five levels once you hit level 100. Bright Engrams will soon include more items that were previously available within the Eververse Store during Year 3 and going forward, Bright Engrams will include items from a minimum of the three seasons before once you earn them.

In general, Bungie is looking to form playing Destiny 2 more rewarding in Year 4, as well. you will soon be ready to earn armor sets through playing that were previously only available from leveling up the Season Pass or purchased from the Eververse Store. Each of the core activities (Strikes, the Crucible, and Gambit) is getting a replacement yearly armor set starting with Destiny 2’s next expansion, which can support special shaders and “decals”–which suggests new cosmetic customization options are on the way for armor also. And going forward, you will have a replacement Pursuit Weapon to chase each season down by playing any of the core activities. That weapon also will have activity-specific skins you’ll earn for it, as well.

Finally, Smith writes that Destiny 2’s raids and dungeons, and therefore the Trials of Osiris multiplayer event–collectively referred to as Aspirational Activities–will soon get new rewards. additionally, to the weapons and armor, you’ll already get from tons of those activities, they’ll also include a minimum of one vanity accessory, too, sort of a Ghost shell or a ship. Trials of Osiris will get new armor starting in Season 13, the season after the beginning of Year 4, and therefore the game’s next raid will include armor and weapon rewards as was common, alongside new accessories to earn.

Smith writes that there are more changes future for Year 4, but didn’t offer any longer details. this is often already quite bit, though, and will answer tons of the complaints players have had in Destiny 2’s Year 3. we will expect more details as we inch closer to Destiny 2’s next content year, but that’s still an extended way off; we’re currently in Season 10, which ends in June, and Year 4 starts with Season 12.

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