Jett: The Far Shore review: an awe-inspiring trip on an alien planet

I don’t function well under pressure. So when my parents and teachers told me that I’m the last hope of my people, I was prepared to be pretty stressed about the next steps. Then, a couple of hours later, I’m chasing a pink light known as a brine wisp above beautiful crystal waters, doing donuts above the ocean while playing with this new life form.

Jett: The Far ShoreEnjoy these juxtapositions.

We’ve all been to space before — I personally love dabbling (and, occasionally, dying horrifically) in games like No Man’s SkyAnd Hardspace Shipbreaker. While other games may focus more on interstellar travel’s danger or adventure, this game is different. JettIt focuses all its attention on the strange, beautiful, and completely alien beauty. Jett: The Far Shore isn’t comforting; at times, it’s sad and even bleak. But it’s a gorgeous journey that’s worth the time regardless, despite a few snags.

JettMei, who is both a mystic and scout, plays the role of a last hope for people on my Soviet-inspired homeland. This planet is under imminent threat of oblivion. Me and a small band of fellow researchers have to follow a “hymn wave” to a new planet and a new future off of this cursed world. So, no pressure.

Jett: The Far Shore - a giant statue of human hands is set against an ashen sky. Thousands of people are gathered to watch the launch from the walls.

Image: Pin Scented/Superbrothers

Mei pilots a Jett which is a lightweight craft and has a few toggle switches. My ship can be pulled up, I can turn the headlamps on, roll over to one side or push me upwards in a vertical line. Mei is my slow, plodding way. Jett pilots can spin, dash and glide effortlessly over the waves. I have an Isao copilot.

My craft is durable enough to deal with surging tides and the occasional rough bout of flying, but delicate enough that I have to dodge any incoming hits and watch how much pressure I’m putting on the engines. I’m a scout craft, not a fighter jet, but I get to feel like a trained pilot exercising mastery over my ship. On the PlayStation 5, I slowly crank the speed of my ship and make sharp turns using the trigger buttons, and the Jett controls like a dream — a light touch always does the trick.

My engines might explode if I place them above the plant. This will deter any hostile animals from following me. Some waves of vapor help cool down my engines, which gives me time to do some crazy tricks. This new world has many useful plants, flora and some frightening fauna. I’m able to take advantage of them all.

JettIt is beautiful, and I can just relax and enjoy the beauty of space. There are also times when the game is too difficult. wantsI find these mandatory breaks a bit too rigid and require me to take a step back and look at things. Isao is also a constant companion in my early games, helping me to grasp tasks I would be able to do by myself.

At one point, a storm front coming over the horizon forces me to slow down and explore a little island, and it’s an organic premise for a pause in the action. But the fact that there’s literally a timer shown on the UI makes the endeavor feel a little less magical.

It’s the moments where I am able to do something that are my best. Similar toThe above is possible without copilot nagging at me and the UI prompting. Finding the sandbanks is my favorite thing. I also love coasting and searching for wreckage in the ocean. There’s a great tranquillity in just watching the Jett skip forward through the waves, surging toward an objective. When I’m moving and just enjoying the ride, I’m having a great time.

Jett: The Far Shore - Mei and Isao, above the jett, scan an alien lifeform

Image: Pin Scented/Superbrothers

However, the Jett’s joy is also tempered by some disturbing imagery which made even the most fleeting moments more noticeable. Mei, Isao and Isao test the Jett by jumping over cargo ships on their planet. Isao notes that the freighters have completed their job by building the Jetts, and they’ll be torn down for salvage now. My family says goodbye and I head to the launchpad. There, thousands upon thousands, are watching. I can’t make any individual out, but I can hear their voices intertwine in grief and hope.

What’s more, it takes a thousand years just to reach the far shore, and Mei embarks with Isao knowing they’ll never see their family and home again. It’s a powerful narrative that makes the light moments of chasing a brine wisp or discovering a new stretch of land so much sweeter.

Jett: The Far Shore It is simple, yet beautiful, and it will be well worth your effort. You can. It makes space feel a bit more scary without being too over-the top. This strikes the perfect balance of saccharine, grimdark, and saccharine. The Far ShoreIt was a wonderful journey that I enjoyed, even though the company became a bit too friendly.

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