Introducing All Things Nintendo – A New Podcast From Game Informer!

Nintendo is a very special company in the video games business. A Nintendo controller is a favorite of many gamers. It was our first ever and still one of the most beloved to buy today. The controller’s form and visual appeal are not what makes it so popular, but the magic of its display on the screen is. Nintendo has been an integral part of our gaming experience for almost 40 years. We’re now creating a unique place to recognize that.

All Things Nintendo Podcast is where you can discuss, celebrate and breakdown all of the latest news and announcements coming out from Nintendo’s biggest brand. Every week I will be joined by different guests who discuss what is happening in the Nintendo world. As we go along, we’ll tell stories, discover hidden gems on the eShop and look back at some of the iconic games we grew to love. My experience covering Nintendo has been more than a decade. Now, it’s time to take that expertise into the exciting new venture.

All Things Nintendo Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts. Google Play. Spotify. And wherever you listen to podcasts. Get your weekend off to a great start by joining me Fridays with Nintendo. 

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