HOW OLD IS GTA V?- Grand Theft Auto V|


On September
17, 2013, the world witnessed the launch of one of the biggest games in the
world: GTA V. the game was revolutionary during its time, and to this day it
holds top ranks everywhere. The open-world concept Rockstar came up with was
not unique and innovative. It ran in many machines that were considered out of


The world of
Los Santos and its surrounding county was massive stretching from the game’s
replica of Santa Monica pier up to the hilly scrublands of Big Sur. Here you
could drive, fly, boat, hop on a bike with or without a motor, or even walk if
you wanted. And after many fans requested, they also came up with an online
version renamed Grand Theft Auto Online, which is the same thing. Still,
without the free-roaming open world of GTAO, it mostly just set you loose in a
connected version of the world.

Since then, both games have evolved. GTA V saw releases on PC and modern consoles, adding vast graphical improvements and new ways to play the game like the first-person mode. The PC version gave access to all manner of mods, letting you drop items anywhere, anytime, to create wild stunts, as well as mods that would make you pretend to be a superhero in the world.

So here you go, it has been five years since the saw the release of GTA V.

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