Grand Theft
Auto Online is an online multiplayer action-adventure video game developed by
Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on 1 October
2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was released on 18 November 2014 for
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Microsoft Windows version on 14 April 2015.
The game is the online multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V. It contains the
fictional states of San Andreas (based on Southern California). Grand Theft
Auto Online allows up to 30 players[a] to explore the open world and engage in
cooperative or competitive game matches. The open-world design lets players
freely roam San Andreas, which includes open countryside and the fictional city
of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles).


In Grand
Theft Auto Online, players create a new character specific to the online world,
which shows on the screen’s Switch Wheel alongside single-player characters
Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. A genetics-related process designs the
player-characters, more focus on the character’s clothes and hairstyles. The
protagonist arrives in Los Santos by plane and is picked up by Lamar Davis, who
gives the character a gun and a car. An hour-long tutorial introduces the
player to the various game modes, driving, fighting, and game progression
mechanics. The story is not central in the multiplayer, though it serves as a
prequel to the single-player story.

Aside from
the open world, there are three main types of set activities: racing (by car,
bike, air or boat), Deathmatch (team or free-for-all), and objective-based
Contact Missions (simplified single-player-like storyline jobs, usually
cooperative)… The Heists Update released on 10 March 2015 adds five co-op
elaborate multi-part missions, each mission having several setup jobs leading
up to the finale crime, which is a high-profit job. The heists, all requiring
four players except the first, which is two-player, often assign specific roles
to players such as driver, gunner, etc. and may split them apart. A headset is
recommended for communicating with other players.

The game includes a content creation tool that lets players make automobile races and deathmatches. Players can choose the location, start and spawn points, and weapon and vehicle drops in deathmatches, and the location, route, race type, and player count in air, land, or sea races. Creations have to be tested against computer-controlled players before the mode is available online. The creations can also be published for others to use. Rockstar tags what they deem to be the best as “Rockstar Verified.” So there you go a rundown about GTA ONLINE from our perspective. I hope you try it yourself and see what it feels.