Halo 2’s Master Chief Collection graphics finally get fixed

The Master Chief Collection by Halo’s eighth and final season just hit the game on Wednesday, adding maps and cosmetics for players ahead of Halo Infinite’s launch on Dec. 8. However, the update contains some major modifications. Halo 2This adds visual improvements to the videogame, which is now 17 years old.

Halo2There were several issues with the The Master Chief Collection. Specifically, it took some of the major graphical flaws from the Windows Vista version of the game and ported them into 343 Industries’ historical Halo package. Generalkidd is a Halo Youtuber who broke down the most significant changes in a new video.

Generalkidd suggested lighting improvements and crossfades to bring it closer the original Halo 2. There’s also footage of a major bug fix in the Halo 2 level “The Great Journey,” where a Brute would classically flip a Wraith, rendering it nonlethal to the player. Season 8 has seen the Brute learn to drive safely and is now considered a threat. Ghosts also self-destruct properly now, an issue that’s been present in the Master Chief CollectionSince its inception, 2014.

This video covers a variety of changes similar to the one above and it is well worth watching for any potential Halo historians. These changes may seem small to many players — and they are, for the most part. However, withHalo: Master Chief Collection acting as a history of one of the most influential and important video game franchises of all time, it’s nice that Halo 2It finally appears to be what Bungie had in mind back in 2004.

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