Call Of Duty: Vanguard Reveals Treyarch’s Zombies

Sure, the campaign for the upcoming Call of Duty is Sledgehammer’s, and you can check out some new story details here. Call of Duty: Vanguard has contributions from many teams, such as Raven and Treyarch. Not surprisingly, Treyarch’s years and experience in unleashing the undead are coming into play here for a new Zombies experience known as “Der Anfang” that taps into the Dark Aether storyline. 

Zombies allows for cross-play as well as cross-gen. The Vanguard zombies mode features co-op for four players, as is standard. This zombies mode is similar to Vanguard and takes place in World War II. The game offers perks such as weapon upgrades and Pack-a Punch. There are new elements in addition to the elements players already know.

An object known as the Sacrificial Heart allows players to choose from a variety of upgrades that randomize each time they’re available, so you must pick carefully to create a potent build. The power that allows players to regenerate slow ammo (and there are plenty of zombies around!) You can also use special skills to help hold onto territory. Each game can have a different strategy, so you might try out different abilities that combine synergistic elements to increase your survival chances. You can use the Covenant and Sacrificial Heart to create melee attacks, chain explosions for kills and many other things. You can only bring in the primary weapon you haven’t unlocked in the core game. Other weapons must also be looted during the match. And, of course, there will always be the Mystery Box for players feeling lucky.

And yes, you’re fighting against Nazi zombies. Led by Oberführer Von List, there’s a lot of occult and evil lore to discover as you head through the game. To gain certain powers like energy mines and frost blasts, players may form alliances with dark entities. This is where the journey begins. It takes place within Stalingrad’s ruins and in a range of World War II settings including Shi No Numa, a Japanese military camp. While the standard undead can be defeated by players, there is a variety of special zombies, such as giants wielding machine gun and exploding corpses. It’s a big deal.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s zombie experience is scheduled to launch with the main game on November 5. Are you a zombie player? Are you looking forward to the lore, and co-op? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments

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