Grounded adds giant sandbox and a pile of trash in biggest update yet

GroundedObsidian Entertainment’s backyard survival game, X, will be getting an update on October 20. You can now download the free update to add new areas, such as a sandbox or a heap of trash. Both the Xbox version and the PC version will get it simultaneously.

It was launched in July 2020. Grounded Obsidian is known best for their role-playing game, like Outer Worlds Pillars for EternityAnd New Vegas: FalloutIt is. The game sees players play the role of shrinking children, and they are asked to discover their backyard. Rodents and pests are the enemies, as well as other suburban horrors. There’s also a hefty crafting element to the game, making the whole experience a cross between Honey, I Shrunk My Kids Ark: Survival Evolved

The big centerpiece of the Hot and Hazy update, as it’s being called, is the massive Crab Sandbox area. It’s an actual children’s toy sandbox, one that’s littered with buried treasure. Players must prepare for the trip inside this plastic walled area, which can be dangerous. New heat mechanics reward players who keep in shade while punishing them with life if they spend too long in direct sun.

Sun filters through an area of The Haze, showing an infected bug.

Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Microsoft Game Studios

A patch of grass that has been sprayed with weed killer is called the Haze. Along with infected mites and weevils, there will be new mysterious enemies and unusual fungi. The Trash heap is a wholly new addition, however, and should attract lots of players eager to scale its heights in search of treasure — and old hotdogs.

Also, a new anthill with black ants was added. This will allow players to explore the anthill like in a dungeon. You can use it to evaluate the armor changes, which have been divided into medium, heavy and light variants.

While developers have promised many additional changes and enhancements, the game’s update will be live. Players will still need to discover them. GroundedMembers of Xbox Game Pass get the game free. It’s compatible with Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Alternately you can purchase the game for $29.99. It’s also available on Steam.

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