FUN FACTS: PUBG Mini Article.

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Below are some fun facts about pubg the game we all love and play.

Q: Who came
up with the map named Erangel?

A: The map
name is named after  PLAYERUNKNOWN’s

Q: What
about the Dacia Sedan?

watched Top Gear and they always talked about it, that’s the reason why it’s in
the game. Small Top Gear reference/ Easter egg.

Q: what
about the motorcycle, I see an image on the side of it?

A: Bikeman’s
dad passed away, in honor of him on the side of the sidecar of the motorcycle
it has the picture of his dad

Q: What is
player customization like?

A: think
Fallout 4 customization, not Reign of Kings/ARK. The people that are behind the
customization are those who did it in APB: Reloaded

Q: How was the name PUBG chosen?

A: Oddly enough, PUBG wasn’t the first acronym they choose. It was originally called ‘PUB & PUGS’. But it was later on changed to PUBG for the name ‘PUB’ not to be common with Pub/bar related search results.

Q: What is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner?

A: Winners in PUBG are shown a message “WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER”, which is featured from Greene’s early Battle Royale games/mods.

Q: Do Not Stay in One Place After Making Loud Noise.

A: Suppose that you run out of ammunition, your best option is to relocate after engaging your opponents. If you stick around in one spot after firing your weapons loudly, you will be killed. On top of this, be aware of how much commotion you are making. Be as quiet as possible as you move from place to place, know your territory, where you can set up traps and listen to your surroundings especially footsteps.

So there you go some fun facts about pubg.