Ezra Miller Reveals A Speedy Look At The Flash Film’s Time Travel Turmoil

Ezra Miller presented the first glimpse of Barry Allen’s much-anticipated solo film following events in Justice League. He said they don’t have a trailer to show because the film is still in production but does have something to show fans in anticipation of the film’s release late next year.

The short tease opens with a big question surrounding many of The Flash’s biggest adventures: “Tell me something. It doesn’t matter where you are located. Any timeline. Any universe.” The Flash appears outside his childhood home, we assume this is the night his mother tragically died, to change fate and save the life of his mom.

This story known as Flashpoint is well-worn territory from DC comics and the CW TV show, but it’s incredibly important to the scope of Barry Allen’s powers and responsibilities and can be played in so many ways due to the infinite possibilities of time travel and alternate timelines. Barry discovers that no matter how good-hearted, actions have the most lasting effects that ripple across time. We see possible outcomes of these actions with a shot of a bloody Bat-cowl lying empty on a floor, but another scene reveals another cowl, possibly another Batman from an alternate timeline who we haven’t seen on the big screen in close to 30 years… Also, are there three Barry Allens hanging out in the Bat Cave?

The sneak peek was far too short, and I’m excited to see more! Other big trailers are available from DC Fandome, such as the trailers for Suicide Squad – Kill The Justice League (and Gotham Knights). This is a quick preview of The Flash. What do you think? Which time-travel shenanigans do you want to see Barry or Barrys engage in at theaters? Comment below! 

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