Destiny’s Festival of the Lost 2021 has begun

Continuing what’s become a proud video game tradition of celebrating real made-up holidays with fake ones, Destiny 2’s annual Halloween event, the Festival of the Lost, returns Tuesday. Similar to most seasonal events DestinyEach year, this event is celebrated with an assortment of theme cosmetics and gameplay content. These are completely separate from real-life Hallows and Weens. Even players who don’t have a season pass.

This year’s Festival looks to be a pretty substantial one. Goofy masks and bags of candy return — the latter is used to purchase the former — and three “Haunted Sectors” can be found in-game, each themed after a spooky tale. For example, one is about a ghostly creature that stalks the caverns at the Moon. This place is known for being haunted. A new “Jurassic Green” pulse rifle is off haunting the loot pool for those brave enough to chase it, and spooky vibes abound in the Tower as holiday decorations spruce the place up.

DestinyPlayers can start things by visiting Eva Levante at the Tower. Festival of the Lost will continue until Tuesday Nov.

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