Christopher Ayres, English Voice Actor Of Frieza In Dragon Ball Z Series, Has Died

Christopher Ayres, the voice actor behind the English dub of the iconic villain, Frieza, in Dragon Ball Z Kai and onward, has died. 

Krystal LaPorte was his partner. TwitterAyres was reported dead on the 19th of October. When he passed away, he was surrounded his mother LaPorte and his brother, John. He was 56 years of age. 

On Twitter, LaPorte said that Chris loved all of you. The vast majority of our conversations were about his love for other people. We are grateful to those who loved him and gave them our sincere thanks. Thank you to all of you who kept in touch and reminded him how important his job was, as well as those who checked up on him. He was able to dream of a bright future because you fed his dreams. 

LaPorte explained that anyone who is asking for help in this situation, should “be more like Chris.” An official cause of death wasn’t announced. 

Veteran voice actor, John Lennon, made public the 2017 diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that he had received. posting regularly on Twitter about itKeep fans up-to-date with developments 

Chris Ayres replaced Linda Young as Frieza’s voice in Dragon Ball Z Kai. Onwards, Frieza was his voice. He won numerous awards for the performance of this iconic Dragon Ball Z antagonist. He has also voiced various characters in other anime, movies, TV series, and television programs.

Game Informer would like to express our condolences to Ayres’ family and friends.

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