Children Of Morta Is An Amazing Game And There’s New Reason To Play It Again

Children of Morta is something I recommend to anyone looking for something different. That recommendation I extend to you is mine. The story-driven, narrative-based dungeon crawler is rich in storytelling, rewarding progression systems, and lots of variety in the Diablo-like combat. Join the Bergson clan as they seek to eradicate an evil from the land that threatens their family’s home. The narrator gives you the opportunity to become each member of your family. This game lets you see the family change, grow and overcome hardships before uniting to save all they cherish. This entire experience was amazing. I gave it 9/10.

Developer Dead Mage, along with publisher 11 Bit Studios, have expanded the content of the original game to provide plenty of reason to return. You can now jump back in or start your journey again with the Ancient Spirits DLC. You can still control any Bergson, but the the real hook of this new content is the new playable character named Yajouj’Majouj, a shifting entity born of the union of man and goblin. Yajouj’Majouj can shift forms on the fly and unleash unleash whirlwinds of magic or rely on the help of an ally.

To further improve the abilities of the family, this DLC includes five relics. Five charms. And five graces. Every Bergson has the option to be personalized with masks.

You can play Children of Morta on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. Switch OLED will make it one of my first Switch games. Let me know if you decide to dive in and what your thoughts are about this beautiful and unique experience.

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