Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Game Mode Revealed, ‘High Stakes, Squad-Based’ Intensity

Battlefield 2042 launches with three multiplayer options. Conquest and Breakthrough are two of All-Out Warfare’s most popular game modes. They showcase the potential for next-gen technology and drop 128 players in massive arenas on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. It is similar to Halo’s Forge. You can make your own playlists by customizing the rules and implementing factions and weapons from past and present games. Hazard Zone was the last, and most mysterious, game type revealed today. It offers a fresh take on battle royale, where killing takes a backseat to survival and objectives. This mode is all about high stakes and squad-based intensity. 

2042 marks the beginning of a period of intense political conflict, as Russia and the US fight for information. Only a handful of low-orbit satellites remain – these space capsules are responsible for collecting aerial photography, heat map imagery, ID scanning, etc. – both nations are fighting to secure copious amounts of data. The satellites are slowly falling to Earth again, but which nation will take them? 

This is where you, your squadmates and three other members come in. Hazard Zone is about using tactical upgrades or passives and operators to win. Your mission is to retrieve data from battlefields and secure all the possible fallen drives. This is a difficult task as there are seven teams, 32 players total, that will compete on the next-generation consoles and computer. Hazard Zone will be a 24-player mode on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s also a “storm” closing in on the arena, so you’ll have to make wise decisions throughout each of Hazard Zone’s five phases: