Back 4 Blood: Creating a Better World During a Pandemic


  • Simon Mackenzie is the Lead Writer. He will take you on a behind-the scenes tour to learn the story of how the project began. The Back Four Blood campaign narrative
  • Find out how Turtle Rock Studios made a simulation of a pandemic that occurred during an actual one. 
  • The Back Four BloodS as well as Windows PCs, along with Xbox Game Pass.|S, Windows PC, and with Xbox Game Pass.

In December 2018, I was presenting a story for Turtle Rock Studios about the impossible. A global pandemic — how would people react? They would become who? We’d seen a thousand stories of how humanity had turned against itself, but we wanted to tell one of how they came together. Our goal was to share a tale of friendship. People faced darkness together with laughter and friendship. Our mythical fall brought together our entire development team, who worked together to create something new out of the past.

Back 4 Blood

Fast forward to March 2020 — the world is suddenly facing an uncertain future, and everyone is facing challenges they never expected to see outside of a movie. We were all suddenly working at home on our own.

Back 4 Blood

Games are a collaborative activity that requires teamwork from all levels. Video conferencing has become second nature. It’s a credit to the team and the personalities at Turtle Rock Studios that the ship didn’t just remain steady, it went full steam ahead!

Back 4 Blood

I don’t look back on that year as a struggle, and like in all things, there were struggles. However, like the Cleaners, I am able to look back on our successes and how we got there. The Back Four Blood in the hands of players. Nothing is more satisfying than helping others. And after all these years, it’s hard to imagine a better way of feeling.

Back 4 Blood

The highlight of 2020 was for me voice-directing some of our incredible performers. Those sessions allowed me a daily connectivity with some of the most incredibly talented people I’ve ever worked with. We were able to hear the characters’ voices clearly through remote recording and video conference, which I think is a strange thing in today’s world.

Back 4 Blood

Now I’m writing this to celebrate the release of The Back Four BloodWe should not forget to celebrate all those who have come out of the past year feeling renewed and hopeful. People who were forced to work in extremely difficult situations; we won’t know the stories of courage and despair on every street. We are grateful to all those who gave us happiness, our caregivers, and the frontline workers who risked their lives every day. Let’s carry the message of hope and friendship from our Cleaners forward and we’ll overcome whatever is put before us.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can access the Battle-Hardened Bundle by Perks! You get 4 skins for your character or weapon, as well as an emblem, spray, title, banner, spray, spray, and spray. You can find the Perks Gallery on Xbox console and the Xbox App for PC or the Xbox Game Pass mobile application for iOS/Android.

Back 4 Blood: Standard Edition

Xbox Live

Back 4 Blood Standard Edition

Warner Bros. Games



Back 4 Blood, a cooperative shooter by the makers of Left 4 Dead is thrilling. The Ridden are at your center. The Ridden are terrifying parasites who once lived among humans and now seek to destroy civilization. The Ridden is threatening humanity and it is up to you, your friends, to defeat them and take back the world.

The Cooperative Campaign

In a 4 player, co-op story campaign, you will fight to the death in an increasingly dangerous and dynamic world. You’ll need to work with others to complete more difficult missions. Online play is possible with 3 friends, but you can also go on your own and head your squad in battle.

Select from 8 different Cleaners. You also have the option to choose one of eight immune survivors. You must devise a strategy to defeat an enemy that is constantly evolving and bent on total destruction.

Competitive Multiplayer

In PVP, you can play with friends or against them. Play as either a Cleaner or the horrible Ridden. Each side comes with its own weapons, specialties, abilities and other unique features.

Extreme Replayability

You can create new experiences with the “rogue-lite Card System”. This allows you to roll custom builds, make your own decks, or take on more challenging fights.

The Game Director is constantly adjusting to player actions, ensuring exciting fights, extreme gameplay diversity, and tougher legions of Ridden – including mutated boss types up to 20 feet tall.

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