Apex Legends’ new map Storm Point is its biggest ever

Apex Legends’ next season, “Escape,” brings players to Storm Point, the game’s fourth and newest map. The world premiere trailer for the game was released Monday. This trailer gave fans a glimpse of the Island setting and gameplay, including the return of their favorite weapon, the Legend. Titanfall 2

Storm Point will be an enormous map. It does not need to have discrete biomes. Instead, there are distinct environments that alternate between building interiors and natural surroundings. Respawn Entertainment designers want players to be able to use the tactical or ultimates, as well as fire weapons and chuck grenades while traversing Storm Point. You can control your trajectory slightly to make sure you don’t land on any dangerous objects.

Prowlers (they’re the lizard beasts), flyers (the, uh, flying ones), and spiders also will pop up to harass everyone, providing some PvE encounters for you and your squad. Also, we get to see the C.A.R. SMG (at 1:30 of the trailer) and Ash’s abilities, including a tether that restrains her opponents — though they can still fire and use other capabilities.

Apex Legends: Escape is the hero-shooter’s 11th season, and it begins Nov. 2. Storm Point is covered in this official Respawn blog post.

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