Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Paid DLC Announced, Launching Next Month

Nintendo has revealed the Happy Home Paradise expansion in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This DLC will be available next month, November 5. 

This DLC was announced during today’s New Horizons direct, which brought with it tons of details about the game’s last major free update. Happy Home Paradise brings an archipelago to New Horizons that will serve as your villager’s site of work. There, you’ll work as a Paradise Planning designer coordinating “dream lifestyles” for other villagers in the game. 

Basically, you’ll be designing dream vacation homes for people on the archipelago. This includes helping them design their home’s exterior, their interior, their yards, their fences, their everything – if you’ve ever wanted to design more than just your own home, this expansion is for you. 

You want to ensure that your clients are happy in their holiday home. You can do this by modifying the season and time of day to fit their personality, and then you’ll need to design their home accordingly. To create additional spaces in rooms that already exist, you can divide them and add counters and pillars. You can also incorporate soundscapes into the design to create a harmonious space. 

Happy Home Paradise will also include the ability to polish objects. This can be used to clean up the item, or it could create an entirely new effect. Polishing flowers can bring about butterflies. 

Nintendo states that the new furniture will unlock as soon as the expansion is released. It’s up to you, the designer of the expansion to regularly check on the vacationers who live in the homes to determine if the furniture they have unlocked might work for them. It seems that this is necessary in order to make the client happy. 

For some characters, a facility is more important than a dream house. Nintendo highlighted schools, classrooms, and restaurants as possible facilities. You can also use the Happy Home Network for a virtual tour of past clients and to see the designs of other players around the globe. Online connections allow you to view and even download their designs. 

You can also bring some of the Happy Home Paradise elements home. You can use design methods such as partition walls or pillars in your home. Plus, you can bring souvenirs back from your work archipelago to give to your neighbors, and over time, they’ll grow more and more interested until they one day ask you to design their dream vacation home. 

Happy Home Paradise will launch on November 5, which is the same day that the last major Free Update for New Horizons launched. Visit www. Game Informer’s For more information, see the breakdown of this new update. Happy Home Paradise can be purchased for $24.99, or, for those that subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online’s new expansion pack, the DLC will be included. Nintendo has also announced the cost of its Nintendo Switch Online expansion packs. Details can be found here.

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