Age of Empires IV Hotkeys Revealed

Jump to your Town Center, queue up a quick chat with your team, and find that dang Idle Villager who’s just been hanging out taking up space. Today we’re excited to give an early look at some of the hotkeys you’ll have in your arsenal to help build up your village, manage your army on the battlefield, and help you become a better player in Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires 4 Hot Key Guide

For quick reference, see the full list and an image of each item above. For quick reference, commit these items to memory. To do this, either keep the guide in your browser or print it out. To experiment with your ideal setup, you will be able to remap several of these hotkeys.

Hotkey Default Secondary Hotkey Hotkey Action Description
Left Click a unit N/A Select unit
Double Left Click a unit You can control and [ Left Click ] a unit You can select all the visible units from one type
Shift or [ left click ] a unit N/A You can add/remove units from your selection
Left click ground, drag mouse N/A Choose from a range of Bandbox units
Left Click ground N/A Placement of ability or building confirmation
Shift or [ left click ]Ground N/A Ability placement or Queue Building
Right click ground, or select unit (s). N/A To select units (ie. Move, Attack, etc)
Right click ground, drag the mouse to select unit(s). N/A Order to move on an issue
ESC N/A Cancel / deselect unit / game menu / skip NIS. Non-user remappable.
Control + A Use Ctrl+ K “Select all units on screen”
Control + Shift+ A Ctrl + Shift+ K “[Shift]: Select all units” – Appears as shift message on Control-A binding
With a selected unit, Y Use Ctrl+Y You can also access secondary UI panels
Move the mouse by pressing ALT Caps lock “Rotate camera (hold)”
[ Num 6 “Rotate camera 45 degrees counter-clockwise”
] Num 4 “Rotate camera 45 degrees clockwise”
Backspace Num 0 “Reset camera” – 1st press resets camera rotation, 2nd press resets zoom
F5  N/A “Focus on selected unit(s)”
Home N/A “Follow Selected Unit”
ALT+A “Pan camera left” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
ALT+D  “Pan camera right” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
/ (up-arrow) ALT+W  “Pan camera up” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
/ (down-arrow) ALT+S  “Pan camera down” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Manager of units    
Tab Right arrow “Cycle through selected units (forward)”
“Cycle through selected unit types (forward)”
Make sure you select multiple units and tab with them
Control + Tab Left arrow “Cycle through selected units (reverse)”
You can cycle around selected units (reverse).
Make sure you select multiple types of units.
NB: can’t do shift-tab because it’s the steam overlay ;(
From 0 to 9 Num [x1] “Select Control Group X”
1x selects group, 2x selects and centers camera on group (or follow depending on user setting “Focus on selected unit(s)”)
Control and the 0-9 [ range above ] Num X [x1] “Set Control Group X to selected unit(s)”
Select units to be assigned group
Take Note: Setting a control group when no units are selected effectively removes that control group
Shift and from 0-9 [ range above ] N/A “[Shift]: Add Group To Selection”
Changing this to “[Shift]: Add Selected Units to Group”
Select units can be added to a group
Appears as shift message in 0-9 binding
F1 M “Select all Military Production Buildings”
Use FindAndCyclePickType as a pick-type to select the central building (mongol buildings have the ability to move so following actually has meaning).
F2 K “Select all Economy Buildings” as above
F3 O “Select all Research Buildings” as above
F4 P “Select all Landmarks, Wonders, and Capital Town Centers”
F5  J Focus on Selected Unit(s)
H L “Cycle through Town Centers”
Control + H CTRL + L “Focus on Capital Town Center”
Capital Town Center: Select or center camera
‘ (Apostrophe) [ “Cycle through individual Monk units”
Remapped default binding to non-English keyboards at the location indicated
// [ “Cycle through individual Scout units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
. (Period) N “Cycle through Idle Economy” (idle economy include villagers, trade carts, fishing ships, and trade ships, officials (chinese civ))
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + . (Period) CTRL + Up arrow “Select all idle Villagers”
Pick all idle villagers (IdleVillagerPickType)
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
(if all idle villagers are selected and made un-idle, Ctrl-. will not change the current selection – as designed)
Control + Shift + V Up arrow “Select all Villagers”
Pick all Villagers (FindAndCyclePickType)
Control + Shift + R Page up “Return all Villagers to work (from Seek Shelter)”
, (Comma) Down arrow “Cycle through idle Military units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + , (Comma) CTRL + Down arrow “Select all idle Military units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + Shift + C CTRL + M “Select all Military units”
Control + F CTRL + V “Cycle through Villagers gathering Food”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Food
Control + W CTRL + B “Cycle through Villagers gathering Wood”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Wood
Control + G CTRL + J “Cycle through Villagers gathering Gold”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Gold
Control + S CTRL + K “Cycle through Villagers gathering Stone”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Stone
Shift and [ unit production hotkey ]Click here N/A Produce 5 units at a time
With the unit you have selected, delete or hold CTRL + Remove a building or unit
Insert CTRL + – “Toggle Team-based or Unique player colors”
Shift + Enter “[All] Global chat”
Get in touch // [Team]Chat with your team
Chat open N/A Chat message
Tab with chat open N/A You can swap between [All]All over the world [Team]Chat with your team
Page up Shift + > “Scroll chat messages (older)”
Page Down Shift + < “Scroll chat messages (newer)”
F6 Use Ctrl+ F “Toggle Players & Tribute panel”
Spacebar Num Enter “Focus on last event”
Center camera on last notification
Use Control + E to Left Click Click + “Notify Ping”
Right Click, Control + R “Attack Ping”
Use Control + T to Left Click Use Ctrl+ D “Defend Ping”
F10 “Game Menu”
F11 CTRL + T “Toggle game time display”
ESC Pause game
Pause N/A “Pause Simulation”
F8 Ctrl +Q “Quick Save”
F9 Click + “Quick Load”

Observer/Replay HUD Hotkeys

Hotkey Secondary Hotkey Description
Control + U U “Toggle cinematic mode”
Control + C P “Toggle free camera”
Control + F L “Toggle fog of war”
Num- “Slower”
= Num+ “Faster”
Control + Click on + “View next player”
Control + [ Click on + to. “View previous player”

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