A Star Wars world collides with anime-style action in this sci-fi game

Usually, for this column, I’ll spend time combing through various hashtags on Twitter to see what’s going on. The steady stream of games that were released this week was something I enjoyed following for #PitchYaGame. It’s an award show, hashtag, and platform for independent developers to showcase their work. Some cases were covered in the previous columns, which was a delight for me. But it also opened a world of under-the-radar work from developers who haven’t posted as regularly.

There are many new gems we have discovered. Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips, and screenshots of works in progress. To give you a sampling of the coolest projects, Polygon’s staff searches the Internet for new and interesting games.

This week we have a stunning sci-fi game with incredible attack animations, a beautiful open-world game where you help a panda find peace, a horror game inspired by ’80s monster movies, an elegant rhythm game, and an RPG inspired by anime in the ’90s.

You won’t believe this was made by one person

Felix Schade was the original developer and founder of Morbid MetalThe game is described as a Sci-Fi Action Roguelite, where you use your shapeshifting abilities to score sick combos. You can also find A clip sharedSchade shows how the game works as the character moves from enemy to enemy, unleashing an array of flashy attacks that are worthy of the most flashy JRPGs. Morbid Metal doesn’t have a release date yet but you can catch frequent updates on Schade’s Twitter account

The warrior panda is a very wobbly but determined warrior.

Namra the developer said that Aka It is an online game that helps ex-warrior pandas find inner peace. We can only see the good. in a clip shared on Twitter, the game boasts paint-style graphics as well as the ability to curl up and take a nap in spots — including on a giant capybara. There is a 2022 release window for the game. You can keep up to date on the website. developer’s Twitter account

Be on the lookout for this parasite

This twin-stick top-down shooter is called Demon Spore looks like it’ll have you running for your life. You can find it at A clip posted by developerEd Kay presents the flesh-like creature as it emerges from a laboratory and moves across the room. According to Kay, the game was inspired by ’80s monster movies There’s no release window yet, but as usual, you can follow the developer for updates.

This rhythm game makes it fun to assemble furniture

This video can be played with sound off. The music goes along with the rhythm game and is adorable. You can play the game called Bits & BopsThe collection includes rhythm minigames. A clip of a minigameThe track that you use to hammer nails has a cheerful and bright melody, which is reminiscent of music from a Nintendo Game. As the screen scrolls along, you’ll keep to the beat and hammer in nails Bits & Bops doesn’t have a release date, but you can keep up to date with the studio’s Twitter account.

The game is straight from a Saturday cartoon segment.

Wander Stars is an RPG inspired by ’90s anime. You can combine different adjectives to create your own attacks. A clip from developer Paper Castle Games shows a fighter doing an “amazing water punch” to attack an enemy The release date for the game isn’t announced, but you’ll be able to follow the team on their Twitter account.

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