5 Cool Types of Merchandise to Sell for a New Video Game

5 Cool Types of Merchandise to Sell for a New Video Game

Video game revenue is impressive. By 2023, the video game industry would have generated annual revenues that were higher than $200 billionThis isn’t surprising, considering that there are more than three billion gamers in the world. These include casual and hardcore players. This strategy is particularly effective in the video games industry, as it appeals to players from every walk of life. In fact, the market for collectibles has grown since the 1990s.

Video games are better served with promotional products than other segments. It is an industry which appeals to all the senses. This is also backed up by the fact that video games can be a fun social activity with varying degrees of involvement. Here are five different types of merchandise to consider when you release a video game:

Plush Toys

It is inevitable that blockbuster games featuring adorable characters will get plush toys. Sonic the Hedgehog is a good example, as are Yoshi and Pikachu, both from Mario Bros. Plush toys can be used as promotional products that aren’t limited to video games. Some people buy them for gifts, while others are just casual game players.

Hats, knits, and custom hats

The world of promotional products is dominated by headwear. It has two advantages. Hats can be worn to advertise videogames long after the retail sale has been made. Second, fitted ball caps and knitsThey can easily be collected, especially if the designs are clever or they have a limited edition. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas logo ball cap is a great example.

3 Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles

The items can be great conversation starters at the workplace. The most common age group of gamers who look at mugs or bottles is between 18-34 years old. This is interesting because these promo items are popular for major brands in video games such as EA Sports. Atari. Nintendo. Xbox. Sony.


Video game figurines can be sold as small resin toys, or even large toys. They are a niche market. Video game publishers are increasingly releasing figurines with new titles.

5- T-Shirts

They are the most popular merchandise items for video games and anything else related to pop culture. The most popular promotional item in the video game industry is the t-shirt. However, they don’t make good collectibles, as they tend to be worn more than once. Even if they were collected, shirts do not look as nice on the shelf as do ball caps. When you are looking to reach out to avid gamers, it is best to use tee shirt merchandise. The Fallout series includes many fictional posters and symbols that can be used to create tee shirt designs.