3 Tips for Designing Challenge Coins With a Video Game Theme

3 Tips for Designing Challenge Coins With a Video Game Theme

Participants or winners can keep challenge coins as a keepsake. When you organize a gaming convention or tournament, you can really make an impression with challenge coins. You can create challenge coins as fun souvenirs for attendees or to award winners.

1. Choose Retro Theme Designs

The history of video games is rich and the designs on the coins will help you to relive that past. As many older arcade gamers used tokens, the coin has a retro vibe. Retro theme designs can include older elements from video games, such as classic controllers and graphics that look like 16-bit style. You can use the retro theme to go with retro games in your tournaments or retrospectives.

Think about alternate coin shapes

You can order challenge coinsYou are not limited by a circle shape when you play online. Try out different shapes and sizes to suit the world of video games. As an example, the challenge coins could be shaped like an old arcade or a game console. The challenge coin could be shaped in a similar way to the primary controller used for the video game. The controller will be instantly recognizable by the gamers and will give the coin a special significance.

You can also make coins in the form of characters if you want to concentrate on a particular game. You could, for example, make a coin in shape of Pac-Man’s head. It would be a circular coin, with a triangle cut to look like Pac-Man’s mouth.

Allow team logos to be customized

Many gamers today have developed their own gaming communities. teamsCompete together, enter competitions worldwide, and spread the word about your team. Consider making customized challenge coins for each team as they enter competitions. If a group enters an online gaming contest, they can upload a custom challenge coin.

You can sell the extra custom coins at the event to other guests and fans. It will be a great touch. The team logo can be on one side, while your event details are displayed on the reverse. This keepsake can become an annual event if you keep hosting events.

Here are some tips to help with designing challenge coins based on video game themes. These coins will stand out from the crowd and be a great collectible item for gamers.