Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans want to make a meat arrow -

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fans want to make a meat arrow

Zelda gamers got to enjoy 10 minutes gameplay Tears of the Kingdom: Zelda’s LegendOn Tuesday. This game introduces immersive sim features that are even better than before. The Wild BreathThe fusion feature allows players to mix and match items in order to make new products. Given the number of items in the game, the potential combinations seem almost endless — but one stands heads and shoulders above all other possibilities. Fans online are clamoring for the “meat arrow,” a hypothetical arrow imbued with raw meat.

In the video, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma showed off Link’s new Fuse ability, which allows him to combine two items into something new with unique abilities derived from the characteristics of the items in question. He demonstrated the feature by combining various items with an arrow — for instance, fusing White Chuchu Jelly into an arrow turns it into an ice arrow. Aonuma glanced at the menu and noticed a piece raw meat.

Fans were on edge at the moment. Aonuma seemed to be teasing fans with the tempting prospect of adding a lot of raw meat and an archer. Now, Twitter is full of fans beggingTo see the meatarrow or to say that they are making the first thing when they play Tears from the KingdomIt is a meat-arrow. “I’m gonna fuse a meat arrow in Tears of the Kingdom, and NOBODY CAN STOP ME!” one person said. Another fan suggested that they want to eat it, saying, “Meat arrow right into my mouth.”

We don’t yet know what a meat arrow would do, but fans are speculating on its possible powers. Link might feed or lure animals with the meat arrow, according to some. However, we truly don’t know what Nintendo’s cooking. The best I can wish for is that some intelligent player beats Ganon using only meat arrows.

Tears of the Kingdom: Zelda’s LegendThe Nintendo Switch will get a special edition of, along with its mysterious meat arrow on May 12.

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