Xbox Showcase: None Of The First-Party Trailers Will Be ‘Full CG’

Microsoft revealed last month it will be hosting an Xbox Games Showcase in this month. This would immediately follow a Starfield direct focused on Bethesda Game Studios upcoming sci fi RPG. Microsoft’s Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing said Aaron GreenbergDuring the show, no first-party game will have “full CG” trailers, as was reported by GamesRadar

He explains that every trailer from a first-party developer will consist of “either gameplay, engine footage, or game footage combined with cinematic”. Each trailer is labeled to make it clear exactly what you’re seeing. Greenberg posted this tweet in response to someone making fun of the showcase trend to heavily rely upon CGI trailers. 

Greenberg started it all by tweeting a quote from an Xbox Tweet that highlighted that the Xbox Games Showcase would be available in just seven days, or six days as of now. On June 11, 2011. Greenberg quoted this Xbox tweet, which revealed the Xbox Games Showcase is “roughly two-hours of nonstop gaming, Starfield and more games.” 

[Source: GamesRadar]

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