Xbox Reveals New 20th Anniversary Controller And Headset, Available Next Month

Microsoft announced a new Xbox wireless controller with matching headset for the 20th anniversary celebrations of Xbox. 

It is the exact same design as the standard Xbox wireless controller. The controller features a transparent black design, with green grips and a logo in green, along with dark green details around its d-pad. The controller also features Xbox’s 20th anniversary insignia on it as well. 

Today’s announcement of the 20th anniversary Xbox stereo headset features the same design, featuring translucent black earshells, details and logos in green, as well as a mic. It’s important to note that this headset is the standard stereo headset Xbox sells rather than the Xbox wireless headset. 

“[The headset and the controller are] a fresh spin on the translucent green of the original Xbox Debug Kit,” Xbox’s announcement reads. “The body of the controller features a translucent black finish with silver internals so you can see every detail. The nostalgic green Xbox button brings us back to the first green Xbox logo.” 

The headset and controller are available now for preorder. Both will be available on November 15th. The headset and controller are available for preorder at $69.99 each 

An exclusive 20th-anniversary dynamic background will be given to anyone who connects their 20th-anniversary controller to an Xbox Series X/S. Xbox has also announced new merchandise for the 20th anniversary, including a Razer Universal Quick Charging Stand that can be used with Xbox controllers. It was also not announced what the price would be, or when it will go on sale. But, you can sign up at and get notified when it goes live. 

This new Xbox controller joins Xbox’s seemingly always-expanding line of controllers. It was announced by the company limited edition Forza Horizon 5 controllerYou can also find out more about a Halo Infinite-themed Xbox Elite controllerBack in August. Plus, it’s always possible to Xbox Design Labs allows you to create your custom controller.Again.

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