Xbox Game Pass October 2021: Back 4 Blood, Visage, Destiny 2 on PC

Microsoft is focusing on games that bring “fright and delight” to players in October — in advance of Halloween — for Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft Tuesday confirmed that 8 games would be included in the Xbox Game Pass throughout the month. Destiny 2: Beyond LightFor Windows PC: The psychological horror video VisageAnd co-op shooter The Back Four Blood

Simulator for Battle – 100% AccurateThe new Xbox Game Pass game wave will kick off Tuesday with the release of physics-based Battle Sim titled. Seven more games will be added throughout the month. Here’s when and where to expect them:

  • Simulator for Battle – 100% Accurate (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 7
  • The Procession of Calvary (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 7
  • Visage (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 7
  • The Back Four Blood (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 12
  • Destiny2. Beyond Light (Windows PC) — Oct. 12
  • Ring of Pain (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 14
  • The Riftbreaker (Cloud, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X and S) — Oct. 14
  • The Good Life (Cloud, console, Windows PC) — Oct. 15

Xbox Game Pass will let you play a variety of other games starting Oct. 15.

  • Gonner2 (Cloud, console and Windows PC
  • Heave Ho(Windows PC).
  • Katana Zero (Cloud, console and Windows PC
  • Scourgebringer (Cloud, console and Windows PC).
  • Tales of VesperiaHD (Console or Windows PC
  • Ditto: The Swords of Ditto (Windows PC)

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