Xbox 20th anniversary controller revealed, release date in November

A new Xbox controller celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company’s Xbox game console is on the way, Microsoft announced Thursday. The controller has a translucent face — so you can see some of the inner workings — and hits of Xbox’s signature bright green color.

On Thursday, the controller was first seen at Best Buy Canada. However, Microsoft has provided additional information in an Xbox Wire article. Xbox product marketing manage Jessica Tsujikawa said the controller’s see-through shell is a spin on the original Xbox debug kit, which was a translucent green.

front and back views of the Xbox 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller

Microsoft. Image

On Nov. 15, the Xbox Wireless Controller 20th Anniversary Special Edition will be available. It is transparent black on the controller’s front, making the internal workings of the console easily visible. While the back is still a solid black color, it has bright green grips. The controller also features a small 20 — with the Xbox logo circumscribed by the zero — for the console’s anniversary, which Microsoft has been celebrating all year.

Players can also unlock a 20th anniversary Xbox Series X dynamic background by connecting the controller to the console — and share the background by connecting to friends’ consoles, too.

Microsoft’s 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller will cost $69.99. The last special edition — Aqua Shift — also sold for $69.99, $10 higher than the standard MSRP for an Xbox gamepad. Xbox Wireless Controllers work with all Xbox One models, Series X and Series S as well Windows PCs, Androids, and iOS.

Microsoft will also offer a special edition 20th anniversary Xbox Stereo Headset with bright green highlights, and a translucent black shell. This headset is also wired and will go on sale Nov. 15, at $69.99.

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