World of Warships: Legends Halloween Update Now Live

World of Warships – LegendsThis campaign features the ship of your choosing as the ultimate prize. It’s backed by a Halloween event, split into two parts, and more new ships!

World of Warships: Legends - Halloween Event

Campaign Element of Choice 

Element of Choice’s headliners, Tier VII premium destroyers Friesland & Loyang are very unique. Pan-European Friesland doesn’t carry torpedoes on board, making it a perfect gunboat, while Loyang is the first Pan-Asian ship in Legends, paving the way for others. You can achieve 100 milestones in 5 weeks by having Active Admiralty support and you will own one of the ships! If you want both, there’s an option to buy the one you didn’t pick as a reward for doubloons.  

World of Warships: Legends - Halloween Event

Transylvania: Saving the Future and A Light in the Dark

October is the best month to be scared. There’s plenty of that in LegendsTwo parts of a Halloween celebration. First, it’s about Transylvania reaching the Portal and escaping the attacks of Rasputin (and his minions). The second one, vice versa, is about shutting the same Portal once and for all, but Rasputin and his fleet of minions want to have a say in that…

World of Warships: Legends - Halloween Event

These events are available as separate items, Saving Transylvania leading the charge for Light in the Dark. A Tier III Premium UK Battleship Bellerophon and Tier IV Italian cruiser Genova are just a few of the prize prizes. There will also be a variety of in-game goodies!

World of Warships: Legends - Halloween Event

Soviet Cruisers, Early Access  

Red Navy gets more reinforcements! Early access to three Sonar-equipped Sonar cruisers, Gorky, Kotovsky and Tallinn, at Tiers IV-VI, respectively, is now possible. Each of them receives a personal mission as a compliment. The next update will allow this alternative branch to be researched with Tier VII Riga adding it on top. 

World of Warships: Legends - Halloween Event

Quality of life and balance improvements 

Carriers’ concealment, including the Dark Silhouette skill, was toned down. It is now easier to wage war against them. As for the other improvements, probably the biggest one is the option to see the ship’s loadout before acquiring it, including switchable consumables. The same applies to Premium and Bureau vessels. 

Make a stand this Halloween season!

World of Warships: Legends

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World of Warships – Legends


Experience epic naval action in World of Warships: Legends—a global multiplayer free-to-play online game in which you can conquer the seas on the decks of history’s greatest warships! Build your fleet, recruit legendary commanders, and claim the naval supremacy against other players.

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Regular updates bring new content, including ships, campaigns, events and bureau projects. Every update adds new features that shake up the game.

You can build Legendary ships like Yamato in the Bureau. Finish epic Campaigns and you will be rewarded with exclusive patches and new ships.

To challenge other players all over the globe, team up with your friends and collaborate across platforms to create strategies and plans of attack via voice chat. To outgun your adversaries and win the battle, team up with friends!

World of Warships: Legends has loot boxes called “Containers” or “Crates”. They provide different items that can be used to improve your game progress.

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