With Xbox Series X Coming This Year, Microsoft Launches Xbox 20/20 Monthly Event

With E3 2020 canceled, Xbox is shifting a number of its plans to make digital events to showcase the Xbox Series X, its games, and more within the lead-up to release this season. that has a replacement Nintendo Direct-style video series called Xbox 20/20. instead of host a couple of big events during the year so as to deliver the newest information, it’ll be spreading them out with more consistent and substantial announcements–and several will include specific themes.

These events will happen monthly for the remainder of 2020, beginning with the May 7 Inside Xbox stream which will specialize in third-party Xbox Series X games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Each installment of Xbox 20/20 is going to be different, which specializes in things like Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass, xCloud, and more. they will not each be Inside Xbox events, either. With E3 canceled, its plans for the June edition are as of yet unconfirmed.

More specifically, the May 7 event will feature next-generation gameplay trailers for a spread of third-party games, though Valhalla is that the only confirmed title thus far. Additionally, game developers will mention how they’re leveraging the facility of the Xbox Series X for his or her new games. This briefing also will confirm the games that use the new Smart Delivery feature, which ensures you do not need to pay twice for an Xbox game do you have to plan to buy the new Xbox Series X.

The July Xbox 20/20 event, meanwhile, will feature new details for Xbox Game Studios titles. Microsoft confirmed that each one 15 of its internal studios is performing on Xbox Series X games, though the corporate didn’t say which titles are going to be shown during the July event.

Fans will surely be hoping to ascertain more of Halo Infinite, considering it’s a launch title for Xbox Series X and no gameplay whatsoever has been released so far. Microsoft teased that it’ll announce more games during the July event, while developers also will mention how they’re optimizing their games for the next-gen console.

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