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For all things skin Rust Console EditionFinally! The first update to our game’s content was published on October 7, adding new monuments as well as the ability to change your look through our cosmetic shop.

The skins will come in bundles that are centered on a particular theme. However, players can purchase them separately if they so desire. The Shinobi Pack, which is the Shinobi bundle shown above, will be included in each bundle. The cost of buying the complete set in a bundle is less than purchasing each individual skin separately. However, it’s up to you to choose how you want to use the items.

Rust: Console Edition

There will be three levels of Skin Packs: Epic, Rare, Common. Common Packs cost 450 Rust Coins to release, while Rares cost 1000 Rust Coins and Epic packs 2000 Rust Coins. Each skin will not be assigned a rarity Tier, but rather a pack.

The monthly wipe will feature themes for the length of the month. New sets of products drop every two weeks, plus special one-off packs.

Rust: Console Edition

The main menu will allow you to browse through all the collection to determine which one suits your needs. Be wise! 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to view the entire collection and inspect all of the skins within it. This allows you to choose the best ones to purchase.

Rust: Console Edition

You can also inspect each item individually with a full 360° 3D render before you buy them, so you can have a better perception of how the item will look once you have it equipped in game!

There’s also a brand new addition to the menu called The Locker. This will allow you  to check your vast collection of owned skins. Super useful if you’re looking to flex on your clan members…

Rust: Console Edition

Jokes aside, all the UI for the skins store and the Locker was designed with our players in mind, making it as friendly and easy to use as possible but some changes might come in the future based on player feedback so don’t be shy, if you would like to see any changes please let us know!

We know most of you are as excited as we are for the release of the Skin Store and we can’t wait to finally release it for everyone. We hope to see you all on the island, survivors.

Rust Console Edition

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Rust Console Edition

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