Watch Us Build The New NZXT Streaming PC – Game Informer Live!

The process of building a gaming laptop can be time-consuming. To ensure that the parts you purchase are compatible, it is necessary to conduct extensive research. Building can be difficult and requires precision.

It is usually worthwhile, though. You are not only creating a custom-built machine for your gaming needs but also adding lighting and graphics to make it stand out.

NZXT, which is a new company that simplifies the building of a gaming computer for beginners and those with more experience or work to do so, is a great option. The kit box is similar to building a Lego set. It includes everything you need and an illustrated guidebook which guides you through each step.

Today’s Game InformerNZXT’s newest product is being built livestream. It’s called the Streamer Plus PC. The box has not been opened yet so we are unsure if it will be easy for you to see the process. We will we have to deal with trouble? Is it as simple as building Lego sets?

Alex Van Aken, Game Informer’s Game Informer, is with me for this adventure. Although we do not know the length of the build, we promise to answer as many questions as possible. Ask us anything about gaming or the build. We hope this will be a Let’s Chat-type of stream.

At 3 p.m. CT, the fun startsOfficial Game InformerThe Twitch channel. Twitch subscribers can access Game Informer’s Discord channel. Learn how you can join Discord.

Join us today for our stream! You can still join the stream, but if not, you’re welcome to do so and enjoy a fantastic day.


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