Watch The Saints Row Reboot’s Wingsuit In Action | Exclusive Gameplay

Saints Row’s reboot introduces tons more mechanics. This includes a new wingsuit that will take you to Santo Ileso! You can see this mechanic at work in our exclusive gameplay clip.

This video was enjoyed by many. Check out our cover story (12 pages) to find more details about the new reboot. This is a small excerpt:

Volition may have scaled back the insanity of the series’ most recent entries but make no mistake: Saints Row is still all about satirizing today’s world through irreverent humor, profane actions, and an anti-establishment attitude. “We knew we didn’t want to abandon the humor or some of the more extreme things we can put into the game,” Boone says. “But we also knew that those extremes couldn’t necessarily be as far as they were in Saints Row: The Third. And that was a conscious thought on our part: Don’t go too far. That doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of outlandish things in this; it’s just that when you think of the bar of Saints Row: The Third, I think sometimes people forget just how crazy we got with some of the things.”

This rebooted approach, which includes a fresh cast of characters in an all-new city, allows Volition to ditch the previous games’ accumulated narrative and gameplay baggage. “It really freed us up to be able to tell the story we wanted to,” Boone says. “Something the community would talk to us a lot about in Saints Row one through IV was, ‘Volition, it would be so amazing if you could do some sort of prequel and show how the Saints get formed!’ … With this, it gave us the opportunity to do that origin story, but not doing something that was set in the ‘80s or something like that to try and tell the origin of the Third Street Saints [from the previous games]. Let’s now look at the history of These Saints.”

The decision to start with new characters wasn’t one the team made lightly, but they now feel it was the correct decision. “It’s definitely nerve-wracking at the beginning because there’s such a high bar to meet,” Campbell says. “We wanted to make really well-rounded characters because if they’re one-note, they’re not going to stand the test of time. Looking back at past characters we looked for what made them unique and the roles that they played. At no point did we want to just make a cookie cutter of, ‘We need a Johnny Gat character so let’s just reskin him as somebody else.’ We wanted all of these characters to be able to stand on their own.”

Volition left behind the characters from previous Saints Row games. This allowed Volition to chart new ground for a new gang that was ready to take control of a new place.

Note that the Saints Row footage is pre-alpha footage from Deep Silver. This video represents a game in development.

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