Valheim developers share early updates on Mistlands progress

Updates are being made to the Viking Survival Sim. Valheim This time, with a special focus on the MistlandsIron Gate Studio posted some details and concept art in an early blog post on Friday. These new updates are a little more than a month since the Hearth and Home update which introduced additional furniture and foods as well as an Obliterator and other quality-of–life enhancements.

Some of the updates coming soon are small, like the addition of jack-o’-turnip crafting in the spirit of spooky season. “Vikings didn’t exactly celebrate Halloween, but it’s still nice to have something to brighten up the homestead when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting darker,” the Iron Gate team said.

Valheim screenshot of skeletons with shields behind a Jack-o-lantern made from a turnip

Image: Iron Gate Studio/Coffee Stain Publishing

You can also see other updates that give an overview of larger projects. The Mistlands biome is the current focus of the team. This was previously stated by Iron Gate Studios. The current biome looks mysterious and dark with dense trees. The designers have been focused on design thus far.

“Those of you who follow Richard on Twitter might have noticed that he’s experimenting with the terrain and textures for the Mistlands, which will be our next big biome update! Please remember that this is not the final version and the Mistlands landscape may change considerably before it’s fully realized. It’s also still too early to say what the implementation of the Mistlands will mean for your existing worlds, but we will keep you updated once we know more.”

As a “biome update takes quite a while to develop,” the team shared plans for additional updates, including a mysterious addition to the Mountains region. Though the final version of that design hasn’t been firmed up, Iron Gate shared some concept art to “convey the general feeling.”

Concept art for Valheim Mountains, showing a cavern with a flickering lantern

Image: Iron Gate Studio

Concept art for Valheim Mountains showing a character holding a lantern in front of a mysterious statue, while inside an ice cave

Image: Iron Gate Studio

Iron Gate Studio developers also said they have begun “looking at things for future updates, this time focusing more on adventure and exploration than on building.” The team also announced a forthcoming Reddit AMA, though no dates have been confirmed. In June, they had previously hosted an AMA.

ValheimLaunched on Steam Early Access in February, the game has been downloaded more than 7,000,000 times. The game’s initial success caught Iron Gate off guard, causing the studio to adjust its development roadmap to prioritize a stable release over new content offerings.

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