Unravel the Mystery of Neverwinter’s Newest Battle Pass Campaign, Echoes of Prophecy

The horizon is tainted by a dark shadow. Neverwinter’s newest battle pass campaign, Echoes of ProphecyThis is. Someone or some one has caused a gap in the Weave. The Weave is where the magic flows throughout the world of Toril. As unrecognized faces begin filling the streets of Protector’s Enclave, the exalted Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster, sends out a summons for the valorous heroes of Neverwinter to aid him in an investigation. The Sword Coast is in need of adventurers who can identify and stop the wicked forces that are unravelling the Weave.


The Call to Arms

Adventurers of any level can join in Elminster’s call to arms when the first of three battle pass campaign milestones, There’s a Tear in the WebOn October 1,, will go live

Every battle pass milestone releases a captivating story, unique questlines and repeated challenges that intrigue players. Players can participate in every milestone to receive battle pass campaign currency, which can then be traded for many compelling rewards that will enhance your experience. NeverwinterExperience the difference!


Milestones and Reward

The firIt is possible to milestone release kicks off with Elminster Aumar, who can be found in the hub of Protector’s Enclave starting October 1stThe first milestone will be available through the whole of October. You can access the first milestone through October. The next milestones in battle pass campaigns will follow.

Every release comes with a set of unique rewards that include:

Milestone 1: There’s a Tear in the Web

  • Neverwinter’s Standard Artifact
  • Jewel of the North Artifact
  • Neverwintan Hawk

Milestone II Prophetic Retellings

  • Neverwinter Knight Companion
  • Corbin, The Venerated Companion

Milestone III The Influence and Dragons

  • Mount of the Barded Neverwintan Lion Mount

Quests to Elminster can help players earn campaign currency for battle passes. Players level 5 or higher can earn additional currency by participating in Daily Random Queues. A optional Echoes of Prophecy Battle Pass is available for purchase during the milestone releases. This allows players to get additional items and any other coveted milestone rewards.

This event is limited in time and we are thrilled to welcome you to join us. It sets the scene for an exciting new story that will be brought to the world. NeverwinterSoon. Ready your arms, and we’ll see you in Protector’s Enclave this October!


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You can play this game in English, French or German.

Additional System Requirements: To access all features, you need a minimum of 512 Kbps broadband internet.

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