Universal Studios Japan and The Pokémon Company Teaming Up To Create “Revolutionary” Theme Park Experience

Universal Studios Japan and The PokémonA new type of theme park is being created by a group of companies. 

Announced in Press releaseToday, both companies announced a long-term partnership to develop new entertainment options for park visitors. The announcement may not be a complete new theme park but it does indicate that Universal Studios Japan will have a new area. PokémonSoon, they will make it into the park in some capacity. 

“Universal Studios Japan” and The PokémonTo explore innovative entertainment, the company and guests will be in a long-term relationship. Pokémon“With innovative technology, creativity and beginning in 2022,” reads the press release. 

Just over one week ago, Universal Studios Japan had announced that Super Nintendo World would be getting an expansion. A new Donkey Kong-themed area will open in 2024This is. However, the Donkey Kong news is very clear about it being a new themed area within the park.  Universal Studios Japan has entered into a partnership with The PokémonA company may not necessarily be all about opening up a new location, but rather about just bringing in customers. Pokémon into Super Nintendo World. 

According to the press release, the focus seems more on new experiences in the park than an entirely new themed area. 

According to the release, “The real and digital worlds will combine creating a new revolutionary experience at the theme park,” 

New Pokémon theme park area would be awesome, but meeting Ash Ketchum and petting an almost-real-except-it-is-still-technically-a-robot Pikachu would be awesome too. 

We won’t need to wait too long to discover the results of this collaboration’s “innovative tech and creativity,” which will be launched in 2022. This is a great resource to help you get excited about the future theme park experiences. Shigeru Mishamoto takes you on a tour around Super Nintendo WorldCheck out the following Pictures from the Nintendo-themed theme park

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