Ubisoft Announces New Ghost Recon Breakpoint Campaign Called Operation Motherland, Coming Next Month

Ubisoft has announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline earlier this month, a massive PvP shooter, leading many to believe that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint had reached its end, but it seems there’s still some ammo left in Breakpoint’s magazine. 

The ammo you use is called Operation Motherland and it’s basically a brand new campaign for Breakpoint coming out November 2. Nomad no longer lives on Auroa after the story’s conclusion. The island became a strategic destination for several countries who want to make it their own. 

“The CIA aims to ease global tensions by giving the power on the island to a neutral force – Ito and the Outcasts – turning Auroa into an autonomous country,” Ubisoft’s blog postAbout the new campaign. “This operation, led by Karen Bowman, is called Motherland.”

The new Conquest mode is at the core of Motherland. Described as an alternative to Breakpoint’s story mode, Conquest has an emphasis on player actions and the subsequent consequences on Auroa. There will be a variety of missions to choose from that include objectives like destroying things, securing enemy camps, stealing vehicles, taking out one of the four Bodark lieutenants, and more. You will get more Auroa from the Bodarks the further you progress in Motherland.  

Speaking of the Bodarks, Ubisoft says, “they are ruthless infiltrators and manipulators, allied to Sentinel and Wolves,” and that five enemy archetypes will be present in both enemy encampments and the wilds of Auroa. 

  • TacticianIf you are not eliminated immediately, your enemies may call for help. 
  • The armored OppressorsPlayers will be rushed down
  • DreadnoughtsWill use rocket launchers
  • SeekersWill use optical camouflage and rifles
  • TroopersThe bulk of the Bodark force will be made up of these men

“Each type of Bodark enemy will have equipment that changes based on the highland, urban, and wild biomes,” the blog post reads. “Players will notice new Russian weapons and vehicle skins on the Bodark faction. Players will also be able to get kitted out with new items in Maria’s Shop, including a Mixed Materials Ghillie Outfit, so their own options will increase along with the Bodarks’.” 

Auroa will experience some changes to match Motherland. It will have an autumn-like and winter vibe, divided into five zones. Ubisoft says that the islands will have more cloudiness, rain, fog, sunniness and other conditions. New bugs, fumes, grasses and flight patterns for birds have also been introduced. 

Conquest is back! Faction Warfare will return, and Outcast’s presence will be reflected in the players’ actions. 

“As players conquer Auroa, the Outcast presence will increase in the wild and in encampments, making faction warfare more frequent,” the blog post says. “You’ll notice road checkpoints, convoys, hostage situations, and patrols fill the island based on faction presence. These events will vary in difficultly according to their respective regions – be sure to check your TacMap to find more details on each region’s challenges.”

Motherland will add Optical Camo and a new progression system to the game. The Optical Camo uses a gauge system which starts at 100, and then decreases over time based upon actions taken by the player. You can make enemies invisible with this camo. This camo can be easily upgraded and made more effective over time. 

In order to accommodate the additional content in Breakpoint, Breakpoint has increased the maximum XP to 99. Skill points are now available to enhance weapon mastery, or to focus on one preferred style of play. 

Motherland is launched in November 2. 

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