Twitch Confirms Source Code, Payment Numbers, User Information, And More Has Leaked

Twitch confirmed the existence of an actual data leak after being notified by media reports. 

VideoGamesChronicleThe first report stated that an anonymous hacker uploaded a 125GB file to 4chan today. This link contained information about the user, payment amounts, source codes, as well as proprietary services. The publication verified that those files posted on 4chan were downloadable, and it received word from an “anonymous company” that the files were legit. Still, without official word from Twitch, it wasn’t confirmed. 

Twitch confirmed the leak, meaning that millions of personal information is now available to download. According to VGC, all of Twitch’s source code was leaked, including comment history “going back to its early beginnings.” Furthermore, streamer payout numbers from 2019 were leaked, as were Twitch’s own internal security tools, proprietary services, and more. 

All of Twitch’s content has been compromised. If you’re reading this and have a Twitch account, now would be a great time to change your password and enable two-factor authorization. 

At the time of this writing, Twitch has only made that one tweet in response to this leak, although it does say that it will update the community when more information is made available. According toVGC, the leaker stated that this 125GB leak is the first part of more content they have planned to leak, although they didn’t say what the additional content is and when it might be released.  

[Source: VGC, Twitch]

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