Top 10 Horror Games To Play Right Now

When you ask someone what their favorite classic horror movie is, there’s a good chance it’s either The ExorcistOder something very similar. AlienYou can find it here. Returnal might be the game for you if this is what you are looking for. While it probably wouldn’t be described as horror first and foremost – its action-heavy third-person shooter gameplay sits front and center – a couple of hours with it reveals that it’s deeply rooted in the sci-fi horror that makes AlienScary 40 years on. Returnal follows an astronaut caught in a loop of time. With nothing more than a pistol, she crashed onto an alien planet. She must battle through hostile alien bosses and creatures to get further along the timeline. You can die to end the loop, but you won’t be able to carry any of your items from previous runs. Your one goal is to figure out what’s happening, and you do that by inching further and further toward the game’s thought-provoking ending. Returnal’s gameplay is excellent, but the horrors of the alien planet, the exotic yet dreadful atmosphere, and the mysteries contained within a reappearing and deceptively mundane house will keep you saying, “just one more try.” Don’t expect jump scares, demons, ghosts, or straightforward storytelling, but much in the same way that AlienReturnal thrives in keeping Ripley close to death at all costs. It emphasizes how fortunate you are to still be alive after each encounter. | Our Review

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