TikTok’s Little Mermaid ‘Part of Your World’ trend, explained

This is a live action movie Little MermaidIt has brought back memories of simpler times in childhood when many could identify with being a longing mermaid, ready to walk on the shore. But it’s TikTokers who are now doing modern-day dress up, and using a new filter called water surface — which creates the effect of being in a shimmery, reflective pool of water — to perform Ariel’s famous “Part of Your World” song.

Around the time the film was released, the trend began. TikTokers donned red wigs, set the water surface filter, and did their best “mermaid bursting from the sea” impressions to Halle Bailey’s rendition of the song. Dance moves are usually random bursts through fake waves, thanks to TikTok’s filters, with crazy motions in sync with the key sections of the song.

A TikToker made a joke about how difficult it is to stay afloat. This can be related.

An inspiring number of people did this trend with their pets instead, which I enjoyed — even if it feels a little Facebook era, early 2000s viral. Particularly cats, who are always chasing their parents with their clouts, don’t seem to enjoy being there. Internet wants toe bean, which is good. It must be the nostalgia of the song and the movie it makes me think of — I guess I’m yearning for simpler times.

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