This open-world indie looks like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

The wild and bizarre worlds that we can play in continue to be explored by independent developers. A lot of the joy of this column comes from seeing what developers create, when left to their own devices — and this week it’s a third-person shooter where you’ll take on the world, fighting as a coffee bean who barrels headfirst into James Bond-level action.

There are dangerous coffee beans, and many more. Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips, and screenshots of works in progress. The Polygon team searches the web for interesting new games every week to bring you an overview of some of the coolest projects.

This week we have a proper kick-off into October with a spooky open-world adventure, a gardening sim that you can play now as part of Steam’s Next Fest, a Jet Set Radioesque third-person fighting game, and a hardcore racing game that’s actually just really cute.

The coffee bean is a great way to get up and move your body.

This bean shows some energy and has two guns. Killer BeanIt is a shooter that allows you to play as a coffee-bean. It’s a third-person shooter where you play a coffee bean. clip posted by its developerJeff Lew shows the beans fearlessly approaching fully-armored tanks in an open, natural setting. The spink behind this one has to be appreciated! The developers have yet to publish the software. Killer Bean By 2022. Follow the updates developer’s Twitter account

A spooky RPG that reminds me of Majora’s Mask

Lovely Hellplace has created a new game, calledDread Delusion — a spooky open-world RPG where you explore floating islands and encounter creatures like a goth girl wearing a black cloak that floats over the school. There are many other options. short clip of the gameIts world is displayed, with a large, looming Moon in the Sky that reminds of me The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskThis is. The game is coming “soon” according to its Steam page and you can wishlist it now.

Play a demo of this peaceful sim on Steam’s Next Fest

Garden Path is a beautifully crafted game that looks like an aged-up world from a children’s storybook. It is available in English. GIF from the game shows one character you’ll encounter in the game, Greet Reed, a giant humanized stalk of celery. The developers at Carrotcake describe the game as a “slice-of-life sim about the joys of gardening.” The developers will release the game sometime in 2021, and you can play a demo of it as part of Steam’s Next Fest right now.

Oh no! A new Jet Set-esque Indie game

Nukefist, a duo that makes a difference in the world of e-commerce. Jet Set RadioA third-person, sexy fighting game known as Genokids A short clip shows the game’s fighting in action where the character pulls off a slick combo along with a dodge Although the developer says there’s a lot of polishing to do, it already looks pretty snazzy with the character’s bright blue sword and super dramatic attacks. There’s no release date on this game yet, but you can follow the developers’ work on their Twitter account.

For hardcore speedsters, this is the most adorable racer

They are the developers Circuit SuperstarsAdvertise their game by using the following:top-down racer built by racing fans, for racing fans,” but also its toy cars are just dang adorable. Alberto Mastretta was one of the original developers. a GIFA small car is seen rolling from its roof onto its wheels. Mastretta says this is an “important mechanic” for accurately simulating the car, but it also looks cute struggling to get back up. Original Fire Games will be releasing the Xbox One game on March 5, 2022. More information can be found on the Steam page.

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