The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Flower is a meme now

Nintendo doesn’t want its sassy flowers to say “fuck,” apparently. It seems that Nintendo does not want their sassy flower characters to say “fuck.” Super Mario Bros. WonderThe game world is full of cute talking flowers, who encourage the player to keep going and utter a variety of family-friendly jokes. Yet on Oct. 16, a modder shared a video of one of the adorable characters saying “fuck” on X. As bright as the most brilliant stars, this profane bloom shone briefly, in the light. Nintendo took it out just a day laterYou can find the video on YouTube.

The flowers are loved by fans for their witty and sometimes silly lines. It will chastise you if you don’t follow their directions and ask unhinged questions about what Goombas taste like. They’re the secret stars of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and they’ve gone on to inspire loads of clips on TikTok highlighting funny moments.

Some fans have created compilations of the most memorable lines from the flower characters. A talking flower ponders what Goombas taste like in this video.

This compilation shows the flower complaining after it warns the player of a danger.

One particular line has stood out, where one of the flowers positioned next to a giant piranha plant says, “So big…”

This edited video shows a conversation where the flower chatters on a bunch of gibberish in a conversation with the “huh cat” meme.

Mick Wingert is the American voice actor who plays the English-language flower. He was known as the voice of Master Po Ping, taking over from Jack Black. Kung Fu Panda Legends of AwesomenessOther later installments in the franchise.

The player can also choose to be silent Mario Wonder’s flowers in the settings or change the language they speak in, which players also have been having fun with. In the video below, a floral speaks in multiple languages.

If you’d like to have a chat with one of these flowers, Super Mario Bros. Wonder Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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