The Sixth Season Of Warzone Has Begun And It Will Be The Last On Verdansk

The sixth season of Call of Duty Warzone has begun and it’s the last season that will take place on the Verdansk map. 

It is a good news story. CharlieIntel on TwitterAccording to VideoGamesChronicleTwitter user @Verdansk posted this clip, featuring a Raven Software engineer confirming the end of Season 6. According to them, to celebrate Season 6, the original shower Gulag would be back on the map. 

Season 6 sees a large shift in the Verdansk map layout thanks to some explosive charges that have “triggered a devastating seismic event.” Verdansk is now covered in fissures and cracks that go right through Stadium and Downtown. These cracks not only provide new elevations for players to battle on but also lead to recently-discovered WWII-era bunkers. 

These bunkers act as a system of underground passageways and while they might not be the safest area on Verdansk, Raven says they’re filled with high-value loot. With it being October, Warzone’s The Haunting event is back too, although it won’t officially begin until October 18. 

According to Season 6, patch notes, loot has been updated across Verdansk, including new gulag loadouts as well as new ground and supply boxes inventories. There’s a lot more to the patch notes, too, and you can visit Raven Software’s Twitter thread about Season 6For more information on what you can expect from Verdansk Warzone’s sixth and final season, click here 

After the November 5 release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, a new map with a WWII-Pacific theme will be the Map of Warzone

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Do you plan to drop by Verdsansk again? Is it exciting to see the Pacific-themed map in action? Please comment below with your thoughts!

[Source: CharlieIntel, VGC]

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